2015 Safety Report Update

The safety and security of our students and staff is our number one priority. We would like to take this opportunity to update you about all of the actions the school board and administration have taken to improve safety and security on campus. Within the last few months we have:
· Assessed security concerns within and outside of the school facility.
· 14 new cameras have been installed throughout the interior and exterior of the school. A new DVR system has been installed to record and facilitate monitoring of the campus both during and outside of the school day. New sensors have been installed in all school rooms.
· All interior school doors have been replaced with new locks.
· The school has fully activated an alarm system monitored by Atlas Integrated Systems.
· The school has hired someone to open and close the school during set hours and to activate and monitor the school alarm system.
· The administration has met with The Fire Marshall of the Tulsa Fire Department and updated our emergency procedure handbook and teachers and staff have been trained on the updated emergency procedures.
· Students and staff have participated in several emergency drills and the school will continue to schedule more drills (Fire, Intruder, Building Threats, Earthquake Tornado, etc) each month. After each drill students and staff reflect on how the collective school coordination can be improved.
· In addition, the school has sent letters to parents to remind them about our collective roles to help create a culture of safety and security in our school.
· The administration is working with the PTO to form a School Safety Committee. This committee will also help to assemble emergency kits for all classroom.
Please remember:
All visitors (parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, etc.) must sign in at the front office
Display visitor badges given by the office.
Do not enter in the traffic circle during school (8am – 3:30pm). The circle should only be used during drop off and pick up times. Please park in the parking lot between 8am – 3:30pm.
Never leave a vehicle unattended in the traffic circle.
DO NOT PARK in the street to pick up your children either before or afterschool.
ONLY enter and exit the main entrance doors during regular school hours 8:00am – 3:30pm. Do NOT exit the pre-k doors during school hours.

We welcome your questions, concerns, suggestions and feedback at principalofpeace@gmail.com