Early Education

Early Education

The Peace Academy Early Education program includes Preschool-3, Preschool-4, and Kindergarten. The Peace Academy Early Education seeks creates a rich, loving environment where children can grow into accomplished young learners and proud Muslim Americans. Our facility has been upgraded to include innovative, interactive technologies and play areas for curious minds. Students are divided into separate Preschool and Kindergarten groups and utilize their own respective classrooms, an enclosed playground, the school gymnasium, and a science lab. Our student-to-teacher ratio is 9:1 with additional support provided by assistant teachers and the Early Education Islam and Arabic teachers.

The preschool program focuses on acclimating the child to a school environment and nurturing them with care while providing them early educational tools for success in Kindergarten. Students learn to engage their curiosity through projects and open play, refine their language skills through an interactive and engaging phonics program, develop social skills, pre-writing training and handwriting practice, and fine and gross motor skill development. Use the Preschool portal to learn more about the program! (still under development)

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