Islamic Studies

The Islamic curriculum has been designed by highly distinguished, well-renowned advisory board consisting of prominent scholars, education leaders, and heads of institutions from the American Muslim Community.  It covers 3 core subjects – Islamic Studies, Arabic Studies, and Quran Studies – in order to help our students understand, practice, and educate others about the true message of Islam.

The Islamic Studies program utilizes the “I love Islam” series of books published by IFA as well as other carefully material selected by the Peace Academy Advisory Board to teach students:

  • Elements of Iman
  • Islamic Morals and Etiquettes
  • Five Pillars of Islam
  • Sirah and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  • Stories of all the prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran
  • Lessons from the lives of companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH (RA)
  • Islamic History
  • Sharia and Fiqh