Building generations of balanced and academically excellent Muslim American citizens.


Peace Academy will provide the tools to promote lifelong learning and an Islamic environment that inspires noble character and righteous leadership.


* Committed balanced Muslims

* Knowledgeable scholars

* Contributing citizens and community builders


For more details about what these goals look like and how we can measure our progress in achieving these goals, please see the Religious Skills Handbook.

Since its founding in 1990, Peace Academy has been committed to its vision of building a generation of Muslim Americans able to excel in an academic setting as well as represent Islam to society at large. The school’s mission statement, formalized during the accreditation process, reflects this vision. Students at Peace Academy will be driven to excel through an environment that promotes the value of learning from preschool to high school and beyond. Islamic values and practices are instilled in our children from an early age, and they are taught to value and understand the sources of Islam in the example of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Holy Quran.

Peace Academy’s commitment to maintaining high academic standards in an Islam environment allows students to not only focus on their academics, it spurs their natural curiosity, their respect for knowledge and the institutions of learning, and establishes in them a desire to utilize their intelligence in the advancement and service of society. The latter half of our mission statement reflects this drive to serve, which occurs through a nurturing of Islamic character and providing opportunities and incentives for leadership. Students complete one hundred and sixty hours of community service as part of their graduation requirement, and many go beyond this requirement. Peace Academy students are provided opportunities for and encouraged to engage in service of the community, interfaith dialogue, civic engagement, and public speaking. Instilling noble character and righteous leadership in students is the cornerstone of the Peace Academy’s strategy for its vision.

In establishing the school’s mission of giving students the means to excel academically and spiritually, the markers of success are found in the school’s goals of building committed and balanced Muslims, knowledgeable scholars, contributing citizens, and community builds. Each of these goals represents an aspect of the core values of a Peace Academy education. Religious commitment comes through a well-rounded Islamic education that stresses moderation, self-reflection, humility, and self-improvement. Our students come from different backgrounds and move through their own journeys of self-development, and these Islamic values are imparted to them to provide them the tools for guiding that development. Peace students are also encouraged to excel in scholarship through a competitive environment that rewards student improvement. Through a consistent schedule of assessments, data analysis, and curriculum adjustment, Peace Academy has created a system of continuous improvement that has allowed for steady growth in all professional testing assessments (ITBS, ACT, PSAT, SAT, etc.) since accreditation. Peace Academy has produced a consistent number of National Merit Scholar semifinalists and finalists. Lastly, students become contributing citizens and community builders through an instilled desire to serve and drive to lead in civic matters. Peace students are consistent volunteers, speakers, and teachers at Peace Academy and IST.

Peace Academy began as a humble community school and has grown, by the grace of Allah (swt), into an academic competitor through a system of continuous improvement, community support, and driven commitment by its faculty and staff to better achieve its vision. Through continued efforts and support, Peace will continue to achieve and advance itself in sha Allah.