Community Service

Active civic engagement is a central tenet of Peace Academy’s mission: to promote lifelong learning and an Islamic environment that inspires noble character and righteous leadership. The Community Service Program at Peace Academy seeks to nurture in its students a natural desire to serve those around them by instilling both a spiritual understanding of the benefits and necessity of service as well as an understanding of the nature and responsibilities of civic engagement. Peace Academy students further their spiritual and social development through serving the wider community in a variety of projects, from working with younger students to helping at the local food bank. Students are encouraged to find their own avenues of service to meet their required service hours.


High school students are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours/year attended at Peace Academy for a total requirement of 160 hours of community service. Through this requirmenet, students at Peace Academy grow into community builders that actively seek ways in which to serve their communities while simultaneously garnering vital skills for future success. Our students have grown into charismatic speakers, community organizers, inspired educators, and volunteers at local homeless shelters, clinics, and food pantries. Perhaps the greatest mark of the success of the Peace Academy service program is the number of students that far exceed the required number of service hours out of a love for service and those they serve as well as the consistent return of Peace alumni to serve at their school long after having graduated. Peace Academy students are known for jumping at opportunities to serve, in ways both big and small. This all comes from the grace of God and a dedication to upholding a strong spirit of service in the hearts of our students.