How did your school get started?

Peace Academy had a very humble beginning in 1990 with the first 12 enrolled students. Then the opportunity came to share our present facility owned by the Tulsa Public Schools. For several years Peace shared the building with the Saint Francis Hospital daycare and with the Children’s Medical Center Daycare. Then in 1997, the school was blessed with the opportunity to purchase the building and surrounding property. We then expanded to include middle and high school. In fact, Peace was the first Islamic school in Oklahoma to include high school. The facility has undergone extensive renovation to update the building, to provide a safe environment, and to offer the students a fresh and comfortable place to learn.

What kind of school is Peace Academy?

Peace Academy is the only full-time Islamic school in Tulsa. As a non-profit institution, we offer a quality education at a very affordable price. Peace Academy has one of the lowest tuition cost per student among all private schools in Tulsa. Our students receive a great education in a safe, Islamic environment.
Is your school open to non-Muslims?
Yes. Our school is open to everyone, no matter your religion. Non-Muslim students are not required to attend religious classes. We offer alternative subjects for them. We pursue learning experiences that will help children develop good character. We also nurture children to give them self-esteem, ambition to learn, and motivation to succeed.

What success rate do you have with your graduates?

After graduation, Peace Academy students go on to become successful individuals in whatever capacity they choose. With the solid education they received from Peace Academy, the students find life outside of school filled only with challenges they were ready to face. It is also worth mentioning that many of our students return as volunteers offering their time to further promote the institution in which they spent so many years growing, learning, striving, and excelling.

Are you accredited?

Peace Academy has been registered with the state as a private school since 1990. We are fully accredited by AdvancEd. We are also a member of A+ schools.

What kind of curriculum do we follow?

Peace Academy adheres to the guidelines set forth by the Oklahoma Department of Education. We also meet the Oklahoma Priority Student Academic Skills (PASS) objectives. In addition, we offer Islam, Quran, and Arabic language courses. These three classes are taught daily. Non-Muslim students have the option to have an alternate activity during religious classes.

What makes Peace Academy special?
Peace Academy is a value-based educational institution that nurtures the love of God and righteous deeds.
We promote love, care, and obedience to parents.
We instill a genuine respect for teachers.
We promote citizenship through honoring and respecting the principles of our nation.
We appreciate diversity and culture and ethnicity while sharing common values. Our staff is as diverse as our student body.
We are proud to offer our students with a drug free environment.
Our students consistently score above the national average on standardized tests.
We are a bilingual school offering Arabic as a second language.
Many of our students have earned the distinguished status of National Merit Semifinalists, which means they scored within the top one percent of the nation on the PSAT.

What is the school facility like?

Our building was originally built as a public school. It has a large gym, stage, cafeteria & kitchen, an in-house DHS licensed nursery and daycare, a conference room, 17 spacious classrooms, and two, large fenced playgrounds with equipment. The premises have security installed throughout for safety. Our building sits on about 10 acres and also has a beautifully built Mosque next door.

What is your school calendar like?

Our school opens in August and closes in May. It is very similar to the public school calendar, but has added religious holidays celebrated in Islam.
Do you offer financial assistance for tuition?
The school provides limited assistance for families who demonstrate financial need. Also, we offer tuition discounts for families who may have more than one child enrolled.

What are your school hours?

Peace Academy begins at 8:00 a.m. and dismisses at 3:30 p.m. , except during the month of Ramadan (the holy month of fasting) when the day is shortened and students are dismissed at 2:30 p.m.