Career and College Counseling

Academic & Career Counselor – Dr. Nida’a Abu Jbara (Phd)

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Counselor’s Services

The counselor will work with students and families to assist them with the following main services:

• Review students’ academic progress to ensure they meet graduation requirements.
• Help students to choose the appropriate concurrent courses and dual credit courses.
• Advise students on degree specific programs, procedures as well as college application process.
• Meet with parents by appointment when requested to answer their questions and provide information and resources about college options, scholarships, and standardized tests preparation…etc.
• Answer questions about ACT/SAT prep and tests
• Offer academic and career advice to Alumni.
• Offer customized career & educational plans for students.
• Invite specialized speakers for successful Career Day workshops throughout the year.
• Collaborate with parents and students to navigating the necessary steps to ensure a post-high school plan that is individualized to the interests and goals of each student.
• Offer College Preparation workshops for parents of high school students.
• Organize field trips to colleges and universities Career Fairs and college preparation workshops.
• Introduce college events and opportunities and facilitate registration and attendance.


Informative Resources for Students & Parents:

1. For information regarding scholarships, career planning and high school and college planning, please visit College Start.
2. For high school career planning handbook, please visit
3. To apply at Tulsa Community College: please visit TCC.
4. To apply at Tulsa Technology Center: please visit Tulsa Technology Center.
5. To apply for concurrent classes at Tulsa Technology Center, please visit: Tulsa Technology Success Center.


College Preparatory and Admission Tests

The ACT and the SAT are college admission tests that measure what students learn in high school to determine academic readiness for college. Most colleges and universities in the United Stated do not have a preference of one test over the other. However, the PSAT is used to determine candidates for the National Merit Scholarship Program .

Test scores are important part of the student’s portfolio to start their college application. In addition, college admissions take in consideration other requirements that include the student’s GPA (grade point average), academic rigor, community service activities, and other experiences and achievements.

Both the ACT and SAT are offered several times throughout the year.

• For more information about the ACT, click here.
• For more information about the SAT, click here.
• For information about the key differences between ACT and SAT click here.

Registration and Test Dates for ACT/SAT Tests

• For information regarding ACT registration and test dates: click here.
• For information regarding SAT registration and test dates: click here.

Test Preparation
Information about test prep classes can be found here:

Tulsa Community College (TCC)
Online ACT/SAT Prep courses
Public school – Jenks Community Education Jenks Community Ed
• Outside tutor/centers:

    1. Sylvan
    2. Launch Academy
    3. Oxford Learning Center
    4. Huntington Learning Center


Major Scholarship Websites:

8th, 9th , & 10th grade:

Oklahoma Promise. Please apply before the end of 10th grade.

Seniors (12th grade):

• To apply for Student Federal Aid (FAFSA), please complete FAFSA. The scholarship opens on October 1st.
Tulsa Achieves (Tulsa Community College)
• For all other Tulsa Community College scholarships: please visit

Summer Opportunities for rising 8th grade and up:

Please visit College Start (for amazing, free summer learning experiences at local universities)
These academies are great opportunity for the students at summer time and they are FREE. The academies open in March and fill up quickly.