Please review Peace Academy’s tuition policies here.


Families with a Preschooler 2023-2024

(Plus $400 for each additional preschooler)

# of children Annual Tuition Actual Cost Incurred by the School
Preschool $6,700 $10,500
Preschool + 1 Child $11,740 $21,000
Preschool + 2 Children $16,780 $31,500
Preschool + 3 Children $20,245 $42,000
Preschool + 4 Children $23,710 $52,500

Families without a Preschooler 2023-2024

# of children Annual Tuition Actual Cost Incurred by the School
1 Child $6,300 $10,500
2 Children $11,340 $21,000
3 Children $16,380 $31,500
4 Children $19,845 $42,000
5 Children $23,310 $52,500

Financial Aid

Though the cost of attendance at Peace Academy is competitively priced, we understand that parents interested in providing an Islamic environment and high-quality academics for their children may require financial assistance. For this reason, Peace Academy developed a process for applying for tuition assistance. Applicants must demonstrate need through the application to be granted financial aid by the Tuition Assistance Committee.

With increasing enrollment, we have many more families applying for financial assistance than ever before; as a result tuition assistance will be prioritized for the neediest families. Please review the document that outlines the Criteria for Awarding Tuition Assistance.

To be considered for financial assistance, ALL 3 steps listed below must be completed by May 20th, 2023 (this is a strict deadline):

  1. Complete financial assistance application ONLINE at the Smart Aid website. Financial Aid Application 2023-2024.
    * Please call the Smart Aid customer service on the phone number listed with Smart Aid instructions for any technical support you need in completing the forms.
  2. Upload all required documents ONLINE at the Smart Aid website. Peace Academy does NOT collect any documents.
  3.  Complete the paper application for Oklahoma Islamic School Foundation (OISF) and submit to Peace Academy office. Click here for OISF Scholarship Application 2023-2024.

Please be advised: We cannot process your financial aid file until all of your Peace Academy tuition balances are current in accordance with your payment plan.

Tuition assistance letters will be issued beginning July 2023 (In sha Allah) for families who complete all steps of the assistance application process by the application due date (May 20th, 2023).