Character Education

At Peace Academy, Charachter Education or Tarbiyah refers to the systematic development and training of our students in the light of Islamic teachings. It is a continuous and comprehensive process of developing all aspects of our students’ character and personality which include spiritual, intellectual, moral, social and physical aspects. These are the School-Wide Goals & Religious Skills that we try to strive for each one of our students.



Al-Ma’thurat is a compilation of important Quranic verses and authentic ahadith presented in the form of a litany in our morning assemblies. These verses and supplications selected are of a spiritual virtue, particularly when it comes to the exercise of purifying the heart.

This is a list of Daily Ma’thurat that are recited daily in our morning assembly by the entire student body, teachers and staff.


Weekly Khatira

Our high school students take turns weekly to give khatiras after Dhuhur prayer.  These khatiras provide the opportunity for our students to train to be good leaders and develope knowledge sharing skills.


Leadership Development

The high school students at Peace Academy participate in various leadership development activities throughout the school year, including:

  • Community Service: Students serve the community by volunteering at the school, the local masjid, hospitals, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, libraries and the like.
  • Community Outreach:  Students make gift baskets and visits neighbors for holidays like Eid and Thanksgiving.
  • Muslim Interscholastic Tournaments (M.I.S.T.): Students compete against other Islamic schools in academic, athletic and trade skill catagories.
  • Annual HS Camp: Student lead weekend camp focusing on knowledge and team building.
  • And other activities such as fieldtrips, lock-in’s, inter-faith programs, etc.