Student Clubs

1. National Honor Society (High School )

President: Noura El-Nahrawy
Vice President:

2. National Junior Honor Society (Middle School)


3. M.I.S.T (High School)

The Muslim Interscholastic Tournament (MIST) is a fun and interactive event filled with competitions and workshops designed to bring Muslim and non-Muslim high school students together from around the nation. MIST holds annual tournaments that take place in over 16 regions across the country. MIST currently hosts over 35 different competitions within each annual regional tournament. 

Competitions range in category from sports and team-based events such as debate and improv to individual centered events such as arts and writing. Competitors form teams and prepare for competitions weeks beforehand; they then showcase their hard work during an intense weekend-long competition. The regional tournament winners qualify to complete at a second tournament representing Dallas on the international stage! Alongside competitions, students participate in workshops and team building activities before ending the weekend with an awards ceremony on the final night. Click here for MIST Dallas 2018 winners.

4. Boys’ Basketball (High School)

Coach: Ali Seck

Team members:

Rafek Al Hariri (Team Captain)
Omar El Sousi
Ali ElSousi
Ameer ElNahrawy
Zisan Tomal
Abdurrahman Shahrour
Hussien Al-Kazaz
Adil Asim

5. Boys Soccer (High School)


Zain Tariq (Team Captain)
Haris Afzal
Khalid Shihabi
Khaled Alchami
AbdulJabbar Mnajjed
Abdurrahman Mahayni
Mahad Chaudhary
Abdullah Ijaz
Hashaam Afzal


6. STEM Club (Middle School)


7. Arts & Crafts (Elementary School)

Instructor: Jumana Midani

8. Taekwondo/Fitness Club (Elementary School)

Coach: Bilal Giayash (3rd deegree black Belt)

9. Girl Scouts (Elementary/Middle School)

Headmaster: Halima Amjad


10. Student Council

President: Noura ElNahrawy
Vice President: Rafek AlHariri
Secretary: Adil Asim
Treasurer: Maryam Saleh
Event Manager: Khaled Shihabi
Historian: Omar Elsousi