5th Grade

English and Language Arts

Reading Wonders – McGraw Hill

Close Reading of Literature Skills:
a. Genre
b. Story Structure
c. Theme
d. Point of View
e. Cross-Text Comparisons
Close Reading of Informational Text Skills:
a. Text Structure
b. Main Idea/Key Details
c. Author’s Point of View
d. Cross Text Comparisons
Independent Reading/Writing/Integrate Writing Skills:
a. Prepare for discussions
b. Ask and answer questions
c. Analyze a writing model
d. Focus on revision assignments
e. Set up a writer’s notebook
f. Research and inquiry
g. Text connections
h. Write about reading
Placement/Diagnostic Assessment Skills:
a. Fluency
b. Comprehension
c. Phonics
d. Vocabulary
e. Spelling
f. Writing



Inspire Science, McGraw Hill Education

Design models
Students will be able to design models to be able to understand concepts taught in chapter.
Students will carry out investigations and conduct experiments to be able to better understand concept in lesson. Students will also learn about making a prediction, or hypothesis, before beginning experiment
– Structure and properties of matter
– Physical and chemical changes
– Plant and animal needs
– Matter in ecosystems
– Interactions of Earth’s major systems
– The solar system and beyond

Social studies