6th Grade

English and Language Arts

Reading Wonders – McGraw Hill

Close Reading of Literature Skills:
a. Genre
b. Story Structure
c. Theme
d. point of View
e. Cross-Text Comparisons
Close Reading of Informational Text Skills:
a. Text Structure
b. Main Idea/Key Details
c. Author’s Point of View
d. Cross Text Comparisons
Independent Reading/Writing/Integrate Writing Skills:
a. Prepare for discussions
b. Ask and answer questions
c. Analyze a writing model
d. Focus on revision assignments
e. Set up a writer’s notebook
f. Research and inquiry
g. Text connections
h. Write about reading
Placement/Diagnostic Assessment Skills:
a. Fluency
b. Comprehension
c. Phonics
d. Vocabulary
e. Spelling
f. Writing



General :Allah-Centric Model
• Like other disciplines, Science is a tool to discover Allah’s creation on earth and the universe in order for us to glorify Him.
• All creations are purposefully created by the sole creator: Allah. We might not know these purposes but that does not mean that they are meaningless.
• Adam and Hawwa were the first humans on Earth created by Allah.
• Humans are classified as living organisms and they have a special rank. Similarities in cell structures, organs, or systems are through the wisdom of Allah but they are not classified as animals.
Grade 6th PASS (Oklahoma)
• Matters are classified by their physical and chemical properties.
• The Milky Way is heliocentric not geocentric
• Energy is transferred in a living ecosystem via a food chain.
• There are 2 types of known electricity: static and electric current
• Water covers the majority of Earth.
• Design and critique experiments.
• Use SI units in all measurements.
• Classify objects based on physical and chemical properties.
• Communicate effectively using scientific notations and terms in oral and visual presentations.
• Design and critique scientific data presentations: graphs, pie charts, and tables.
• Use laboratory equipment such as balance, metric ruler, graduated cylinder.

Social studies

McGraw Hill

Discovering World Geography – Western Hemisphere

Literacy Skills Standard 1: develop/demonstrate Common Core Social Studies Reading Literary skills
a. Key Ideas/Details
b. Craft/Structure
c. Integration of Knowledge/Ideas
d. Range of Reading/Level of Text
Literary Skills Standard 2
a. Text Types/Purposes
b. Production/Distribution of Writing
c. Range of Writing
Content Standard 1: analyze data from a geographic perspective using the skills and tools of geography
Content Standard 2: examine the human/physical characteristics of the major regions of the western hemisphere
Content Standard 3: examine the interactions of physical systems that shape the patterns of Earth’s surface in the western hemisphere
Content Standard 4: analyze the world’s peoples and cultures in the context of human systems in western hemisphere
Content Standard 5: analyze the interactions of humans and their environment in the western hemisphere